The Dread of a Bedbug Infestation


The dread of a bedbug infestation. Adam’s encounter with bedbugs was a harrowing experience. He describes the moment he discovered them as “like a wound opening.” It all began when he noticed blood spots on his bedlinen, initially attributing them to his own scratches.

Later, he spotted small dark insects, and the horror of the situation unfolded. Bedbugs swarmed out from his mattress, and he realized he’d been living with them, oblivious, as he’s among the 30% of people who don’t react to their bites.

Residing in New York 

Adam, who was residing in New York at the time, disposed of his bed, sofa, and other possessions. He even sealed his vinyl records in clingfilm for three years. 

He emphasizes the extent of the infestation, noting that bedbugs can hide almost anywhere, even inside book spines, becoming dormant for months without feeding. The process of eradicating bedbugs is exhaustive – clothes need to be washed at high temperatures, and possessions discarded.

A Devastating Situation for Vulnerable Individuals

While Adam could manage the ordeal, those with limited resources, substandard housing, and negligent landlords face devastating consequences. Pest control treatments are essential, but bedbugs are notorious for their resilience. Even after multiple treatments, Adam continued to spot the bugs walking up the walls. In a bid to seal off potential entry points, he and his flatmate meticulously filled every gap with caulk.

Bedbug infestations in Paris

The trauma from the infestation lingers. Adam remains vigilant, refusing to sleep on improperly covered mattresses when traveling. He still experiences an itchy feeling around his feet and will anxiously inspect any suspicious specks on the floor.

Recent reports of bedbug infestations in Paris and bedbug sightings on the London Underground add to the collective unease. Bedbugs appear to be on the rise worldwide, capitalizing on warmer temperatures and developing resistance to pesticides.


For those who’ve faced bedbugs, the fear remains pervasive. Noel Butterworth in Switzerland shares this constant concern. The trauma of a bedbug infestation is enduring and unforgettable.

In conclusion, bedbug infestations are not just a nuisance; they are a psychological burden. The horror of these persistent pests lingers long after they’ve been eradicated, leaving those affected forever cautious and anxious about the possibility of a reappearance.