Skiplagging: The Flight Hack Everyone’s Talking About

Alright, holiday travel’s here, and flight are getting ready for a massive crowd. AAA’s saying over 4.7 million folks are about to take to the skies for Thanksgiving. But here’s the kicker—some might end up facing some serious heat for trying to save some cash while flying.

What’s Skiplagging Anyway?

So, here’s the lowdown on skiplagging. It’s this sneaky way some peeps are trying to beat the airlines at their own game. It’s like this hidden trick called “hidden city ticketing.” You book a flight to a certain spot but ditch the last leg of the trip to save money.

Saving Dollars, Playing Smart

Katy Nastro from jumped in to explain the deal. Skiplagging means you find a flight that’s cheaper because it’s got a layover in the city you actually wanna go to. For instance, let’s say you wanna hit up New York from Orlando, but those direct flights are pricey—like, 150 bucks. But guess what? You find a flight from Orlando to Richmond that passes through New York for just 88 bucks. That’s a steal!

The Catch

Technically, you’re supposed to fly to Richmond after New York. But, hey, who’s stopping you from stepping off in New York and skipping that last bit to Richmond? You get a direct flight vibe without playing the SLOTASIABET direct flight price. Pretty sneaky, right?

The Airlines Aren’t Amused

But here’s where it gets sticky. Some airlines are catching on to this game and aren’t cool with it. Reports say they’ve canceled flights for folks caught skiplagging and even wiped out their loyalty points and miles.

Is It Legal?

So, the big question—does this break the law? Katy Nastro says it’s not illegal, but it totally goes against the fine print in the airline rules. When you buy a ticket, you agree to get on and off where you’re supposed to. Skiplagging messes with how airlines set their prices and costs them potential earnings from those empty seats on the next leg of your journey.

Tips and Tricks

Thinking about trying it out? Well, you might wanna think twice. recommends traveling light—just a backpack, no checked bags. And it’s more for experienced travelers, not newbies. You gotta be real sneaky ’cause if the airline sniffs it out, they could scrap your whole ticket.

The Fine Print

Remember, this trick works for one-way flights only. If you bail on that second leg, you’re marked as a no-show. Also, your bags will go all the way to the final destination on your ticket.

Bottom Line

Skiplagging might seem like a slick move to save cash, but it’s a risky game. It’s not for frequent flyers or those who aren’t ready to play it cool and sneaky. So, if you’re up for the risk, go for it—but keep it hush-hush, or your flight plans might just get derailed.